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SEARS Tractor Seats 3030 Type

Compact air suspension seat for medium to small tractors


  • Replaceable double depth comfort Cushions  
  • Upper Backrest extension  
  • Reclining backrest 
  • Mechanical adjustable lumbar support  
  • 76mm height adjustment  
  • Automatic height and weight adj 30-130kg  
  • Seat cushion length adjustment 60mm  
  • Horizontal isolator suspension 
  • Armrests tiltable and adjustable 
  • 80mm suspension stroke  
  • Swivel 20 deg either side  
  • Slides for 160mm travel  
  • Vibration performance to ISO 7096  


  • Lateral Isolator  
  • Lap type seat belt  
  • Seat cushion heaters  
  • Operator seat switch  
  • Fabric or PVC options


SEARS Tractor seats 3000 range for small to medium tractors where compact suspension is required for space.

Full spec seat upper but fitted with narrow suspension.