//Sears AIR Tractor Seats 5565 Shown

Sears AIR Tractor Seats 5565 Shown

SEARS 12V air suspension seat for tractors


  • 12V Low frequency air suspension
  • Auto ride position
  • Fore/aft suspension isolator
  • Tiltable armrests, adjustable
  • Backrest extension headrest
  • Electric air lumbar support
  • Swivel turntable
  • Seat cushion length and tilt adjustment
  • 550mm wide cushions
  • Document holder on back
  • Supplied with universal mounting bracket


  • Lateral suspension isolator
  • Lap seat belt
  • Seat operator switch



SEARS AIR tractor seats 5000 range including the D5565, D54575 and D5585 heavy duty sears seats .

These seats are for medium to large tractors, all therefore come with universal fixings kits.

SEARS AIR tractor seats 5000 series


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